pCRF, transcription from paper
to digital.

Je suis une CRO



For more than 20 years, we have been equipped with a workshop for the capture of data collected in manuscript form by the investigators. Our workshop is composed of experienced and specialized operators in the medical field, able to enter CRFs in several languages and subjected to quality control

Our pCRF can be used in parallel with our eCRF for a management simplified study where the investigator and / or the patient can not perform direct online entry
When the data are entered, they become available on our CDMS and can be checked and corrected.

Quadruple entry -
Double - Single

The seizure is carried out on our premises by our experienced data entry operators, specialized in CRFs and clinical data capture. We can then go up to quadruple seizure, allowing to decrease the errors of important way.

Coupling with an eCRF

Our applications are all related to each other, you can also combine an eCRF and use our input services for the same clinical protocol. Our back office allows to manage via the same interface the 2 sources of data entries. This linkage is strongly used and appreciated when patient quality of life questionnaires are collected as part of the test

Monitoring and control of data

Once the data entry is done, you are autonomous in the management of your data and queries thanks to our back office, which has a tracking tool. This one allows you at any time to indicate statuses for each of your queries (those sent to the centers, that received after correction by the centers and those corrected), this in order to facilitate the management of your test


Clinical Specialist Operators
Quality Control
Specialization health data
Multilingual Questionnaires