A reactive and available user assistance
to accompany you every day

Je suis une CRO


Our IT specialists and data manager provide a direct technical support from our home offices, and can be reached in English or French, on the phone or by e-mail, every business day.

All of our team is trained to the context of your solution and how it works, to ensure a quick, efficient and relevant answer even if your usual correspondent is off.


You are in direct relationship with our IT specialists and data manager, who master the digital and technical aspects of our solution as well as the methodological and regulatory context of your project.

This direct support provided by our team allows us to measure an average resolution time of only 2 hours (between your initial requesst and its final resolution), making our support a precious advantage in the daily management of your project.


In addition to the usual technical support, an on-call support dedicated to emergencies (randomization, safety...) is available 24/7.

Our IT specialists can check in real time everything is working properly on your application and can provide assistance for any urgent request.