Customization, a major advantage
for an adapted digital solution

Je suis une CRO


Our IT specialists and data managers experts accompany you during the complete lifecycle of your project. In particular, we use more than 20 years of experience to propose solutions that are adapted to your needs and your project.

Our simple documents describe the numerous options and possible standard workflows of our solutions, making it easier for you to choose and document the way you want the solution to work.


We design and create our own digital tools, and thus can offer, in addition to our standard applications, a huge and complete customization of your solution. We can particularly focus on:
- Visual: logo, graphical tuning, questionnaires layout
- Data flow: monitoring, electronic signature, vigilance process
- E-mail alerts: inclusion, adverse event, visit reminder...
- Reports: study progress, safety, query metrics

Your solution is created in complete collaboration with your team during all the designing phase.


Our flexible applications perfectly fit within the ecosystem of your project, using automated connections with your IT infrastructure or your providers'.

These digital bridges, called API (Automated Programming Interface) offer new perspectives in the management of your project and data: automated data transfer to another platform, periodical synchronization, progress reports sent automatically... All of this ensuring data security and confidentiality.