eCRF, a complete application
to accompany physicians.

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Our ergonomic and highly customizable eCRF can be used to manage any kind of project: from a medical device feasibility study to large international trials.
ClinInfo's eCRF adapts itself to the workflow of your project, allowing for simultaneous login of all user profiles: investigators, CRA, core lab, pharmacovigilance or materiovigilance...


Data-entry is performed on an ergonomic and intuitive online questionnaires, assisting the investigators to avoid data-entry errors: interactive calendars, conditioned questions, contextual help for complex questions or images with clickable zones.

Data controls and edit checks can be entirely customized and highlight data-entry errors or inconsistencies for an easy and immediate correction.

The investigator can also consult the study documentation, access the historic of their answers or download and print the patient CRF.

CRA Monitoring

Our eCRF includes a monitoring tool that CRA can use to review the answers provided by the physician, and post manual queries.

Posted queries are immediately visible to the investigator and show up in real-time within dashboards. The investigator can then correct or confirm their answers.

Our solution include a risk-based monitoring process, used to control risk levels, and optimize costs and efficiency of the monitoring effort.

E-mail alerts

Our eCRF can send real-time e-mail alerts to multiple recipients, with dynamic content depending on the event.
These alerts can be used to confirm patient enrollment or randomization, send a new Adverse Event to the vigilance team or even send a monthly study progress report to the sponsor with a custom summary of the study.

Files upload

In addition to the data entered by the investigator, our eCRF allows uploading any kind of digital documents into the system: DICOM files, hospitalization reports, wound photographs, medical device log file...

Files are uploaded online by the authorized users and can be made available to reviewers for a specific use.

Some files such as the DICOM format can even be automatically anonymized by the system, providing high reliability with an easy-to-use tool.



No installation required

Medical devices compatible


Secured access rights


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Data entry

CRA Monitoring

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